Skin Solutions


About me

 Owner and Master Esthetician Natalie Mitchell has been practicing since 2008 and has owned her own Organic Spa; Skin Solutions since 2014. Specializing in the art of sugaring  and pure organic skincare using the best skin care products and a holistic approach. Utilizing only the cleanest and most natural anti aging products is her specialty, while educating clients on the importance of organic ingredients in skincare and in day to day life is her passion.



 ISUN is about honoring all of our connections with the  awareness that the Light that exists in us also exists in others and all  nature. Understanding our sacred connections, we have sourced organic  and wild-crafted ingredients for our products that give back to others  and nature and offer something more. 

       There is a feeling of exhilaration when we connect with living  nature. A sense of joy and youthful vitality swells in us as we absorb  the life-force energies found in the purity and aliveness of nature  embracing us.         

       Our own expressions of vitality and life expand when our  bodies and senses are nourished by living light, living water, living  plants, living minerals and the unseen elevating and gentle spirit we  can feel in the beauty and dance of nature.